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Our KS2 classes, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 are excited to be participating in this year’s Global Read Aloud, and are looking forward to welcoming you all to our very special learning Blog.

 We will be exploring the wonderful and engaging book, The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes and are hoping to share our thoughts, ideas and some of our work with lots of other classes involved in the Read Aloud.

Billy Miller chapter 5 by Jake

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Billy Miller actually had a plan to show he was not making fun of Ms Silver so he gave her some silver safety pin and American coins. Unfortunately , for Billy, Ms Silver wouldn’t take them. He asked if he was smart enough and she said” Yes you are surely smart enough for grade two The next day Ned (His best friend) comes to take him to school and when he gets there he sees Emmer Sparks.



Billy miller biy sophie

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his mum and dad was wispring a bawt not fiting in to secndre scooall  and he stud cwiertly and he herd evree werd and one day he fawnd and he met a gerl culd emer and he thut that her nim was hamster and she did not find it funy.and then she said you are a veree dad man. and she said you will be soree that you culd me hamster i am all redy dot hit me.


Billy miller chapter 5

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In the the fith chapter of Billy Miller he gives silver things to mrs silver like mrs silver.In the first chapter of Billy Miller he sees emma and it is like she is popleyer at the school but she dus not have eney frends at school so I do not not if she is popleyer or not so yare in the fist chapter of billy Miller his parens are so weyerd and funny as wall .

Billy Miller chapter 5-6 by Antony

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Billy actually gave Mrs Silver a nail,some American  coins,a saifty pin and ,best of all, a rabbit that his mama had had since she was a child and had given Billy.(these were all silver,including his/his mama’s rabbit) Billy intended to give all of the silver things to Mrs Silver but she said she could only make use of a paper clip and a nail. She thanked Billy and wouldn’t accept the coins and rabbit. Also Billy asked if he was smart enough for second grade and Mrs Silver said that she thought that Billy was a very smart young man. And with that,Billy told Mrs Silver all about his fall and about Emmer Sparks. ”You’re very smart to protect yourself when you fell like that!!” Billy felt proud. His Doctor had said he was lucky and now Mrs Silver was saing he was smart!!!! Hurry along now said Mrs Silver.If you hurry you might still get some resess.

billy miller chapter 5

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Billy Miller goes outside for playtime and thinks that he should catch Emma Sparkle but then he wonders what he would do if he caught her so he stopped and spoke to his best friend Ned. Also Billy Miller spoke to M.s Silver about if he is smart enough for grade 2 because he wanted to know if he could stay with her. As a gift from Billy he got her a nickel,a dime,a paper clip,a safety pin and a nail. Also because her second name is Silver, Billy got her 3 silvr animals. Those animals were a dog, a rabbit and a bear. Billy thought the rabbit would be a good gift because it was the year of the rabbit. “hamster on the loose.” shouted Billy before he started chasing after him . The gifts Bily gave her were going to be a surprise for her by putting it on her desk when she wasn’t looking. Billys little sister Sal on a foggy morning she looked at the window with Raindop. When Billy went on the playground the first person he saw was Emma. Because it was so foggy she was only a few feet away. Her cheeks wee very flushed up. Like the day before Emmas jumper w tied around her waist. She had empty hands with them inside the sleeves. Billy couldn’t consentrait on work when he went back to class.